Perhaps the most misunderstood word in today's business is exactly this. Businesses do want to use cloud, but do not really understand the advantages (or disadvantages) for such solutions. Since the term may include so many variations, we specialize in guiding your business in really understanding all aspects of cloud.

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Where does Learn-Digital come into play?

By having a solid network of partners that allow us to provide a diverse hosting platfom, we can interconnect your world. We offer all kind of services from email, web-hosting, file-sharing, document sharing and so on, with or without the utilization of software. We can also host your ERP solution or your entire data storage. Dedicated or shared machines are available, depending on your needs, all with isolated and dedicated security policies. When this is combined with our KONNECT MPLS service, it brings businesses in China to a level of productivity and stability rarely seen, with very competitive prices when compared to more traditional links like China Telecom, Unicom or foreign telecoms like Verizon, T-System etc.

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To inquiry for a cloud consultation, please go to our contact page and fill in the information. One of our consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.