Founded in 2007 and located in Foshan, in the hearth of the Pearl River Esturary, Learn-Digital brings you world-class IT services for your enterprise, either small or large.

Man working at the computer

The name of the company is a clear message to define our approach to the clients:

we never introduce ourselves as the smartest guys in the room, just copying solutions from one client to another. Instead, our proposal is backed by a deep knowledge and technical/commercial analysis with both parties involved, in a transparent and direct way, allowing us to give our clients the targeted solution they deserve to really improve their processes and business.


The company is based and operates in Guangdong province, one of the most important industrial development site of China, in the heart of the Pearl River Estuary. In other parts of China, Learn-Digital operates directly or via partners. From the inherited experience, especially in the ICT management for industries of many kinds, a “flexible” structure has been developed, able to deliver to the client the complete solution (“nothing more than needed, nothing less”), with an outstanding after-sales support service.

We like to be forward-looking to innovations, but we have an eye for costs too.

Our consultation services during project stage may include the planning of purchasing of third-party hardware and/or software at the client’s site (either offices or factories), and we accomplish this task in the best professional and ethical way possible. We know which brands are the best, but also which are the most affordable by the business reality we encounter. Our proposals for infrastructure are usually accepted at first draft by our clients, unless their head-company require a specific brand instead.