IP Telephony

Communication ways have changed a lot in recent years. IP Telephony is the bridge between old era and new era of integrated communication. Also known as "voice-over-ip", links two voice devices by TCP/IP communication. But is so much more than that !

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Where does Learn-Digital come into play?

There are several key advantages by your company when using an IP Telephony system over a traditional one:

  • Drastically cut telephony costs, allowing any enterprise to make this type of investment one of the fastest to turn into profit.
  • FXO lines are now always digitally provided by all Telecom operators.
  • No need of dual cabling in the offices/factory, just lay the network connections.
  • Digital IP PBX are far more reliable and powerful than traditional Analog PBX.
  • Possibility to have a wide range of communicating devices: free software IP phones, proprietary software IP phones, physical IP phones, conferencing units and videoconferencing devices.
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Learn-Digital provides a full IP Telephony solution, customized to each one needs. We have very basic plans that do not require the usage of IP Phones, or solutions with IP Phones as well as mixed ones. We do not work with a specific hardware or software, instead we propose the right solution based on your company specific needs. Learn-Digital has worked with Cisco, Grandstream, 3CX, Digium, Snom and so on. Some example scenarios as follow:

  • Analog (PSTN) lines, client wants to keep the same lines but go digitally at least internally.
  • New installations, either analog/digital (FXO) or digital-FXO or digital-E1.
  • All scenarios can use either free software IP Phones or hardware IP Phones, and can be mixed.
  • Link up the extensions of the client's network over geographical area.
  • Link up the headquarter and offices in a seamless fashion.