IT Infrastructures

Getting the right infrastructure for your business is a challenging task. More often than not, the IT Infrastructure has to be able to grow with your business, and offer great flexibility over a relatively long period of time.

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Where does Learn-Digital come into play?

We have been doing all kind of IT Infrastructure for companies in China, from small to large. We have great level of flexibility as to what the client wants to achieve with functionality, but at the same time we are able to suggest the most balanced solution between savings (in terms of money) and be able to do what it is supposed to do, securely and fast; it can grow with your business and does not become a burden when you want to expand. More often than not, when we approach a client to talk about our IT Services over existing infrastructure, we find out that they have started own already but requiring an almost complete overhaul to achieve new requirements. It is savvier to plan in advance, and it doesn't need to be that expensive to do it.

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Learn-Digital is your ideal partner for the following:

  • Project a new IT Infrastructure from scratch: we can provide full project making over plant/offices layout, with calculation for quantities, devices to use and so on. We can eventually cooperate with your central IT in Headquarter, to guarantee their standards of deployment and licensing.
  • Upgrade existing IT Infrastructure: if you want to extend or redesign your infrastructure, we can meet and evaluate the project according to your needs.
  • We can either provide full package, including all items below, or separate them for large project in case your business require different supplier for different parts:
    • Networking, including switches, configuration and deployment, subnets, complex routing of devices, filtering and safety assesment and configuration (example scenario: the R&D department cannot be accessed by other departments, but can send/receive emails and access shared folders in the local servers; cannot access the Internet).
    • VPN tunnels between your branches in China and abroad too in combination with KONNECT service; local routing with filtered access and preferential access, managing bandwidth with your existing connection. We have solutions for tiny connections on demand to full-time connection of large offices into headquarter or distributed services.
    • Server Installation of any kind, from simple File Sharing to full deployments of Domain Controllers, data centers with complex storage systems, Application Servers, Database Servers, Virtualized Servers (VMWare ESXi servers).