IT Services

Finding prepared IT Staff in China can be problematic for many companies. Good news is that they exist, and we proudly have them ! Apart from that, given the high turnover, when staff leaves your company, it may cause serious troubles because proper handover has not been done.

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Where does Learn-Digital come into play?

Perhaps one of our gems, IT Services are at the core of Learn-Digital business. We have very extensive experience with various industry and sizes, and several dynamic plans that can fit just about any need. We do services for network, servers, Desktop & Laptop parks, access points etc.

Our offer of services range from fully Managed IT to micro IT support. Whatever size the plan is, you can stop worrying about the tiny little details, and let us take care. We sign confidentiality agreements with each and everyone of our clients, and handle the handover of information in a transparent way as appointed by the client, making your business in full control of the IT.

Note: with the exception of Remote IT Services, the rest of the services are provided directly in the PRD Area (Pearl River Delta). For the rest of China, we do have a network of certified partner companies, so if you want Learn-Digital to coordinate this part for you, we're more than happy to listen.

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Here's a brief description of some of our plans:

  • Fully Managed IT: we hire 100% of your IT staff that stays in your company 100% of the time, you pay a service fee for the IT and stop worrying about it. We have different sizes of plans for different needs. We can provide either pure IT Service staff or software development staff as well, for those companies who has in-house developed software (in JAVA, PHP, Visual C/C+ +/Delphi, etc.). We can provide both services at the same time, with great network of support with other staff in our head offices, to provide lightning fast response time.
  • Partly Managed IT: any combination of staff and/or time that is less than 100% falls into this plan. You can have IT staff of your own and combine with one or more of our permanent IT staff for different reason. You can have your staff and combine it with one of our Senior Technician or Consultant to give support for mission critical decision to the IT Management of your company.
  • Remote IT Service: this is what we call "micro IT support". If your company is either too small or doesn't want to have own IT staff, and you are totally unsatisfied of the level of your local external IT support, then maybe this service is for you. We provide "chat only" support to your own people, who can identify the solution to the most common IT problems that may slow down your office.