Konnect MPLS


Boost your internet connection, at home or at work, with Learn-Digital KONNECT MPLS.

People surfing Internet

With KONNECT, you can achieve dual purpose. You can surf fast and smooth overseas websites in China, with guaranteed stability. On the other hand, you can link your office/branch or company to all your branches abroad with IPSec. Use our eShop to purchase the service or contact us if you are a company.

KONNECT MPLS in brief:

  • Mixed usage: KONNECT has an intelligent, real-time split capability, to route the traffic to the correct path at all times. This means that it solves the problem of mixed website navigation in China. More often than not, when businesses implement their own MPLS, the local surfing is severely limited due to the fact that the exit is one, and usually in the country of the headquarter company. KONNECT does solve that by having multiple exit based on defined rules.
  • Intelligent DNS: when you use KONNECT, you are able to enjoy our unique DNS server as well. Developed in-house, it is able to split the queries in different routes, avoiding the nightmare of geolocation. In this case, all Chinese websites are resolved locally, and all those international sites that has mirror providers, while other international and internal addresses take different paths. DNS is provided free of charge in any one of our plans, while private resolving DNS (like domain controllers located in your HQ) is offered only for our "Dedicated Bandwidth" plans.
  • Flexibility: normal KONNECT is able to work over any pre-existing lines, and supports all providers (China Telecom, China Unicom, China mobile and all those that are based on them). For demanding applications, where even the last millisecond of latency count, we can provide the last mile from the ISP to your place directly, in all China.
  • Security: in basic mode, KONNECT router is also able to establish secured IPSec tunnels to your headquarter directly. However, some clients prefer to have control over this part, so you can just use your own equipment to connect your own VPN. In this case KONNECT works just as a splitter, dividing the traffic before the final exit.