Linux for your business

Linux "is not" that inaccessible monster that most non-techies believe

Just think about your Apple laptop, your iPhone, your Android phone (yes, basically just think about anything that doesn't bear the Microsoft logo on it). Apple is a unix-based operating system, so it's Linux. Android is a Linux based operating system, with a pure Linux kernel running on it. So in reality, most of you are already using Linux, as Android and Apple combined percent are almost total (Android‎: ‎74.15% IOS‎: ‎23.28% Windows‎: 0.29%, 2019 data).

Woman typing at the computer

So if you are already using it on the phone, why not try on a computer ? Well this part can be confusing, as there are so many Linux variants out there. Which one should you choose, were to start and why ?

Where does Learn-Digital come into play?

We have extensive experience with Linux and can give a million reason why it is excellent in a business environment. There are so many variants to choose from, Learn-Digital can help identify the best one for your business. One of the greatest advantages that Linux has over other OS is the incredible longevity you can get for your hardware. Computers that after 3 years are slow and unusable can get new life and be excellent for another 3~5 years at least. Some other advantages:

  • Dramatically reduce software upgrade costs to zero (including Office Suites) forever
  • Greatly reduce hardware upgrades cycle
  • Intrinsic far greater security already built into the OS by default
  • Very large application pool to choose from, to suit many needs
  • Still possible to run few Windows applications even directly on Linux, if necessary or isolated into a Virtual environment with tools such as VirtualBox
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What Learn-Digital can do for you:

  • We can assess your current Desktop and Laptop environment, both in terms of hardware and software, and come up with a full report of our recommendation for the project, which will cost only in terms of manpower.
  • Usually the project is done in two phases: during the first phase, you may continue to use your current OS but start to migrate toward open source solution for Office Suites, so that the users may get used to the new environment, and how to interact with each other and external people; the second phase, is the installation of Linux with same Office Suites. Alternatively, you can jump directly to full deployment in one phase, and we can assess by our experience if your systems and staff are ready for it.
  • Training and Managed IT Service for your Linux park.